Belles & Mobsters: Nico

Belles & Mobsters: Nico

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Available after February 1, 2022!

Nico Morrelli.
My blackmailer.
A Liar.

I stole from him.
And when he came to collect, the money was gone. I used it to try and save someone I loved, but it still wasn’t enough.

Now Nico Morrelli is blackmailing me for the money I took. He’s ruthless and unyielding.

The Wolf in an Armani suit.

The man makes my body crave submission. Yet he can cost me and my girls everything. When he forced me into the underworld, he destroyed the sacrifices my family made to keep me safe.

I can’t become a tool for his revenge. Because my stakes are much higher. As my secrets unfold, I’m no longer sure who to trust.

If only my heart didn’t want him so much.