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From the moment Liberty laid eyes on Alexander, she knew he wasn’t her type.

The arrogant, frigid and pompous billionaire was a sure recipe for heartache. She didn’t need any more of that; she had plenty of it when Callen left her at the altar.

Yes, Alexander was hot as sin and made her heart race. But she couldn’t stand him. Right?

Then sudden loss of her sister forces her to get her shit together. She begs him for a job and things between them quickly start to shift. The passion burning between them is undeniable but there are secrets all around them that could break their fragile bond.

Will they be able to overcome their past and leave all their fears behind?

Coming SOON!
Coming SOON!

Coming SOON!

Emma and her best friend, recently single, agreed best thing was to spend holidays in Abu Dhabi. Warm climate, beach, luxury everywhere...what could go wrong?

A lot apparently!

Sand dunes, camel rides and wild nights in the desert could be the best Christmas ever...or the worst.

Thank you, Santa for the hot stranger that melted me with his kisses, like a fresh snow under the dessert sun.



Eve Bailey lost it all. Moving to a new country was her escape from painful memories. She felt broken, just waiting for death to end her pain.

Till the day she saw Lachlan's face...mirror image of her dead husband.

Something woke up inside her. He was strong, determined and full of life. Her dreams and desires long dead flared to life.

Will he bring her back to life or be her final straw?


This story of second chance, love and forgiveness will have you teary, sad and hopeful all at the same time.

Guaranteed happily ever after! 

I was in trouble! I needed a job...desperately. 

So I applied for a job my best friend suggested. The moment I met Kristoff Baldwin, I knew I should turn around and run.

He affected me like nobody before. He was dangerous for my heart...and my panties!

But I ignored my reason, and took the job. I didn't read the second contract, and maybe I should have. With a two month trail, the sex is steamy...nothing like I've experienced before!

What happens if I start to lose my heart instead of just my panties? Can I forget the past and allow another in?

Or will I get burned and possibly ruined...again?

Kristoff Baldwin was everything I didn’t need...too intense, too rich, too handsome, too overbearing and too jealous.

And I fell in love with him! I wanted him, all of him. But ultimately his actions made me realize I couldn’t let the past repeat itself.
So I left the country in an attempt to get over him and come to terms with the outcome of our fling. I spent nights dreaming about him, and my days trying to forget every moment with him.

The last thing I expected was to see him before I was ready, with a gorgeous redhead by his side.

This is closure to Kristoff and Gemma’s story.

Guaranteed happily ever after!

All it took was one night out for Morgan to realize her world was going to be changed forever. Morgan always thought she didn’t inherit any powers. But as her powers awaken, she struggles to understand them not knowing what they are and how to control them.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also has to deal with her upcoming transition in the vampire world where purebreeds are preferred.

Azazel has been roaming this earth for a thousand years. Living day by day, thinking he will never find his mate. But when fate steps in his world is turned upside down. Which leads him to his old friend, and the unexpected happens in the form of a barley legal witch/ vampire hybrid... his mate.

Does he keep his distance or protect her at all costs from those that dare to take her away from him?