Reading Order

Wondering where to start?

Use this quick reference "reading guide" to keep you on track with the order of all my books!


Belle's & Mobsters

  1. Prequel: The Den of Sin
  2. Luciano
  3. Nico
  4. Cassio
  5. Alexei
  6. Raphael
  7. Sasha
  8. Luca

Kingpins of the Syndicate

  1. Prequel: Corrupted Pleasure
  2. Villainous Kingpin
  3. Devious Kingpin (coming soon)
  4. Scandalous Kingpin (coming soon)
  5. Ravenous Kingpin (coming soon)

Billionaire Kings

  1. Prequel: The Exception
  2. Contract of a Billionaire
  3. Twists of a Billionaire (coming soon)
  4. Misdeeds of a Billionaire (coming soon)
  5. Secrets of a Billionaire (coming soon)
  6. Reign of a Billionaire (coming soon)

Love Isn't What It Seems

  1. Devotion
  2. Adoration
  3. Revelation
  4. Affection

Russian Sinners

  1. Marked
  2. Scarred
  3. Disgraced

Stand Alone Books

  1. Vows of a Mobster
  2. Sins of the Orchid