Reading Order

Wondering where to start?

Use this quick reference "reading guide" to keep you on track with the order of all my books!



Thorns of Omerta

  1. Thorns of Lust
  2. Thorns of Love
  3. Thorns of Death (coming soon)

Belle's & Mobsters

  1. Prequel: The Den of Sin
  2. Luciano
  3. Nico
  4. Cassio
  5. Alexei
  6. Raphael
  7. Sasha
  8. Luca

Kingpins of the Syndicate

  1. Prequel: Corrupted Pleasure
  2. Villainous Kingpin
  3. Devious Kingpin
  4. Scandalous Kingpin (coming soon)
  5. Ravenous Kingpin (coming soon)

Billionaire Kings

  1. Prequel: The Exception
  2. Contract of a Billionaire
  3. Twists of a Billionaire (coming soon)
  4. Misdeeds of a Billionaire (coming soon)
  5. Secrets of a Billionaire (coming soon)
  6. Reign of a Billionaire (coming soon)

Love Isn't What It Seems

  1. Devotion
  2. Adoration
  3. Revelation
  4. Affection

Russian Sinners

  1. Marked
  2. Scarred
  3. Disgraced

Stand Alone Books

  1. Vows of a Mobster
  2. Sins of the Orchid